Ep.3 - How to Set Your Goals Pt. 2

The HOPE SPOT is the spot for your motivation and inspiration to reach your God-given potential in 2013. In this episode, I share tips on how you can set goals that you will achieve.

Ep.2 - How to Set Your Goals Pt. 1

To maximize your potential this year, you need to have some goals. In this episode, I share why you need to set goals for yourself and the four mistakes to avoid when setting them.

Ep.1 - Keep Rolling

In this episode Taurus, a true Bama fan, speaks on the reality of losing in life but still being a champion. After watching the video be sure to subscribe to the Hope Spot-the spot for your encouragement, motivation, and inspiration for 2013.

Hope Spot - The Intro

The Hope Spot is the spot you come to for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to live up to your God-given potential. In this video I share how the idea came about and why you should subscribe.