360º Christian


360º Christian


360º Christian

Written By: Christopher Thompson

Is your church looking for an approach to soul winning geared toward building faithful disciples of Christ? This book explores how intentional, intimate relationships foster true spiritual revival.

Outlined within are practical methods for spiritual growth including intentional outreach projects, strategic church events and intimate one-on-one relationships with spiritual mentoring.

Through various illustrations you will discover how your church can become others-centered so members realize their far-reaching outreach opportunities. Once church members have become thoroughly entrenched in the idea that they can evangelize their world, they will realize the opportunity to evangelize those closest to them. Members will learn how to detect when others are most receptive to the gospel, how to best witness to them and when to invite them to a church-sponsored event. Most importantly, readers will learn how to successfully mentor new believers to spiritual maturity.

This book also includes tips for following up with new members and setting up a spiritual mentoring program in your church.

Turn your church around 360 degrees by starting a biblical cycle of evangelism and discipleship training.

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What others are saying about 360º Christian:

"A focused approach to faithfully and effectively following the actual blueprint of God for "Going into all the world and MAKING DISCIPLES" has been brilliantly extrapolated, graphically depicted, and saliently expressed in this relevant volume by Christopher Thompson."

-Dr. James R. Doggette
Senior Pastor,
Patmos Chapel SDA Church
Orlando, FL



"...a marvelous teaching tool for church leaders everywhere..."

-Pastor Jeffrey Baskin
B.R.I.D.G.E.S Community Outreach Ministry



"Chris Thompson has hit the nail on the head with this one."

-Keith Goodman
Senior Pastor,
North Philadelphia SDA Church
Philadelphia, PA



"It is clear that Chris has grappled with the idea of how the process works and his book 360º Christian truly is a must read for pastors, religion teachers and members of the church who want to take up the role of making disciples."

-Dr. Trevor H. Fraser
Director of the Masters of Pastoral Studies
Oakwood University
Huntsville, AL