No Love Lost


I know this is kinda late but, Happy Valentine's Day!

Seriously, personally, I've never been real big on Valentine's Day. I think it's a super-sinister scheme to make us spend money...but that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, Valentine's Day is pretty much a wrap, and at this point either you're pretty much on cloud 9 right now or feeling really down in the dumps. 

I really want to speak to those people who didn't have a very good day today.

Let me tell you a little story. It was like my senior year in high school. I was chasing this one girl for over a year (even though I knew she had a boyfriend...don't judge me). One day I finally realized it was a lost cause. I decided to move on, but first...I'd write her a letter. I wrote the letter, slipped it to her and started dating someone else. Now this other girl...Shorty was superbad, homecoming queen, beautiful skin, perfect teeth, and the softest, sweetest voice you've ever heard. 

Problem was, the girl who I had been chasing was having second thoughts. I don't even remember what I wrote in the letter, but it must've been along the lines of, "You never really gave me a chance." And apparently it was pretty compelling. For Valentine's Day she went all-out. She bought me a bear, one of those giant cookies, and some balloons. It felt kinda awkward getting that stuff from a girl, but even worse was the fact that there was somebody new who I knew wouldn't like it at all. To make make matters worse I didn't get anybody, anything.

Long story short, I felt TERRIBLE!

You can interpret it and read into it whatever you wish. Pick it apart. Disect it. Analyze it. But just know I felt really bad for quite a few reasons.

Maybe that's how you feel today. Maybe today was a disaster. Maybe the person you hoped would notice you, didn't even look in your direction. Maybe the relation finally met it's breaking point. Maybe that person you've been really wanting to be with is interested now, but you're "unavailable." Maybe you've found yourself alone on another V-day. Maybe today was a disaster. Today is Valentine's Day and you didn't find love.

Here's a positive spin on the whole thing. 

Could you possibly find a way to salvage the day and gain something positive from it?

Maybe you didn't find love today, but determine to not to harbor negative and bitter feelings toward the one who was the source of hurt. Maybe you feel like the whole thing is your fault. Don't turn your anger inward and get down on yourself for mistakes that you've made. You can make things right. Maybe your love interest waited until today to tell you that, "It's over!" Trust me on this, they have enough problems of their own. Don't waste precious energy hating them. Their already miserable. And if you're still alone after all these years, just remember, alone does not necessarily mean lonely.

Find a way to maintain the love, security, peace of mind, and self-respect you still have and use it to help you move forward. Pray and ask God for healing and direction as you seek to move forward toward wholeness. 

Maybe you didn't find love today, but make sure there's no love lost.