Fixing the Family

At the beginning of the year my church started an initiative to help us focus on building strong connections and reprioritizing the relationships that are closest to us. Contrary to popular belief the most valuable asset we have are the healthy relationships with those closest to us. Just think, a healthy relationship with a person you love has the potential to bring the best out of you. While outside influences are constantly drawing off of you and taking away from you, healthy relationships with family members and close friends consistently enhances your life like nothing else can.

Allow me to take a minute to say a few things about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Healthy relationships are a benefit to your life. Unhealthy relationships are a burden. A healthy relationship includes both giving and receiving by both parties. Unhealthy relationships requires that one person constantly gives, while the other person constantly receives. Healthy relationships refresh you and inspire you to stretch and grow. Unhealthy relationships weigh you down and deter your growth. Healthy relationships promote healing and compassionate care and concern. Unhealthy relationships produce patterns of brokenness and abuse. If you or someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship please seek professional support to help break away, and create some healthy patterns of relating. Your life is far too valuable to waste in an unhealthy relationship.

Just as I’m writing this I saw a video of a man with obvious anger issues. If you have those kinds of people in your life you need to encourage them to seek therapeutic support. We cannot do life alone. Well, I suppose it is possible, but the quality of our lives is so much greater when we share it with healthy people. In a time and a world that is becoming increasingly distressed, we need strong bonds that build us up and make us better.

Take a look at the list of ten challenges. They may seem very simplistic, but these are the basics of strong familial bonds. And when we invest in these relationships in ways like these, we ensure strength of those relationships and quality of life we will live. Our life is not meaningful or valuable because of the accolades or possessions we accumulate. Rather, our lives are meaningful and valuable because of the people we love and those who love us. Instead of working so hard to accumulate more material possessions, let’s strive to strengthen our relationships. Let’s strive to live, learn, laugh and love...together.