Affirmations for 2018

Well, here we are in another new year. I'm committed to growing and getting better every year. And I think we should all (in some way, shape or form commit to that kind of consistent growth. And so with this commitment, we need to clarify the guiding principles that will help us to experience a fruitful 2018. For some these are new ideas, for others they're simply reminders. Here are 18 #Affirmationsfor2018#ReadySetGo

  1. I vigorously pursue my God-given purpose and calling.

  2. I invest in my personal growth and well-being.

  3. I embrace and operate in my strengths and celebrate others for theirs.

  4. I set my sights on realistic, healthy, positive goals and pursue them.✅

  5. I invest in healthy relationships and communication with the people I love.

  6. I avoid toxic substances, environments and relationships.

  7. I refuse to be consumed with endless streams of digital media. ✅

  8. I reserve adequate time for healthy forms of rest, recreation and restoration.

  9. I promote and pursue good health throughout proper diet, exercise and rest.

  10. I develop and maintain a positive and faith-filled, God-focused outlook.

  11. I pursue healthy financial practices such as saving, getting out of debt and the healthy pursuit of appreciating assets.

  12. I avoid materialism, wastefulness and economic entities that exploit the weak and impoverished.

  13. I faithfully support and serve my community and entities that strengthen community.

  14. I encourage and mentor upcoming generations along the path toward competence and excellence.

  15. I pursue professional medical/therapeutic support whenever necessary.

  16. I demonstrate integrity in my relationships, scholarship and business.

  17. I demonstrate forgiveness toward others and myself.

  18. I pursue God through, prayer, study meditation and service.

Now, you have my 18 #Affirmationsfor2018. What are some affirmations that you will live by this year?