3 Keys to Growth in 2014

Well, we’re well into 2014 and hopefully by now you’ve already devised your plan of attack to thrive in this New Year. I’m sure you want to continue to grow in a marked and significant way this year. You probably already have your resolutions focused and your diet and exercise plans set. But just in case you don’t here are a few pointers.

 In order to grow towards doing better and doing more here are three things that you absolutely must do.

1. Assess your position. It’s often been said, “You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.” Assess your current position in order to chart your next steps.


Ask yourself a few key questions to determine where you are, what you need and where you’re headed. What was 2013 like? What did you struggle with last year? Where did you succeed? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What needs the most attention in your life? What in your life is threatening to derail you from your purpose and proper path?

2. Seek out advice. If you’re convinced that you have life all figured out, then why are you wasting precious time reading this? The fact is, all of us need the insight of those who know better than us.

 Seek out people who have demonstrated wisdom and excellence in their own lives. If there is something specific that you want to accomplish this year, find somebody who has had success in that area. If you want to go to Africa, talk to someone who recently took the trip. If you want to pursue a new career, talk to someone with success in that field.

Furthermore, seek Divine wisdom. Let’s face it, there are mysteries and challenges that we face that surpass human understanding. We need divine wisdom to answer many of the questions and puzzles of life. Prayer, meditation, and Bible reading will always yield transcendental wisdom.

 3. Keep moving forward.  Are you stuck? Are you afraid? Are you wimbling between two options? There’s an old song that says, “You need to get up, get out and get something. Don’t let the days of your life pass you by.” 2013 went by in a flash, and 2014 will be over before you can spell resolution. At some point you gotta just do something.

 Set some goals. Identify the necessary steps to reach those goals. Embrace what you’ve learned from your advisers and then just go for it. Keep in mind, nothing works exactly as you plan it. That’s life. There will always be setbacks, but you gotta keep going. Setbacks are setups for comebacks. Be determined to keep trying and pushing toward your intended goal.

Imagine yourself at this same time next year. Do you still want to be struggling through the same issues? Do you still want to have the same habits? Now imagine yourself having accomplished all of your goals this year and setting new ones for the next. So what are you waiting on? Get busy pursuing the new you!