Embrace Resistance


By Akua Boateng

Resistance is designed to make us stronger. We must embrace it in order to grow.

Resistance is designed to make us stronger. We must embrace it in order to grow.

Its inevitable. Resistance. It is  with the growing process. Steven Pressfield states in is book The War of Art, "Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unloved life within us. Between the two stands resistance."  It stands between us and our next of degree, health goal, business venture or artistic discourse. We come face to face with our greatest enemy. Resistance. Or is it?. 

One natural response to resistance is to stop moving and as we succumb to the pressure we declare "it wasn't meant to be" or "It isn't worth it."  Another common response is to viciously press back with equal yet opposing force in hope to vie for our position. Yet instead of winning the waged war against this cancerous force, due to our frustration, we lose strength to press forward and fail to make any significant progress. 

I believe the resistance is not our enemy but our trainer. Resistance develops strength, conditioning and resilience. It can work for you if you…Embrace it. Anticipate it. 

In the practice of Tai Chi when encountering an opponent it is often best to use the force of their negative attacks against them by redirecting it in your favor. 

Embrace the resistance in your life using the energy it produces to propel you forward. Allow the flow of resistance to work for you. 

So next time you have that writers block…write about it. When your children won't talk with you…sit with them in silent acceptance. When you feel that the promotion is not coming quick enough and you've hit a glass ceiling…remodel your current position to make room for a staircase to your next level. And when you can't hear God's voice…show up faithfully at your meeting place to bless Him with yours.

Embrace. Redirect. Elevate.