Happy Birthday!

By Akua Boateng


Birthdays are perfect times reflection

and evaluation. Are you still growing?

Today I look back on the years that I have been privileged to live

. As I think of the many decisions that I have made both good and bad…I must declare that life has been good. As I grow chronologically and physically, I have to ask myself, "Have I grown emotionally and spiritually in the same or greater measure?" 

After all, since the day I was born, I have developed exponentially in stature, autonomy and capacity. I've read, wrote, computed, created and have been degreed. But is there something I might have missed? 

When I was a child, I was open to the world and its wonder. I trusted openly and connected authentically. As I grew, I was faithfully committed to the possibility of the future and thought of it as an adventure park waiting to be explored and conquered by me. I spoke my mind and was comfortable within my own skin. I knew I was an irreplaceable gift to the world. I was committed to my internal and external growth. 

Today, I take a glance back and ask myself, "Has the openness, trust, wonder and commitment to the possibilities of my destiny grown? Or have I just grown physically and left this part of me behind? Do I still try to master things within, and conquer obstacles set before me?"

We are bigger, stronger and older…but are we enriching the template of internal growth that God initially placed within us? 

Grow! From the top of your head to the tips your toes. 

Grow! From your brain capacity and depth to the imagination that expresses the complexity of it. 

Grow! From the playground to the boardroom.

Grow. All of you. 

After all…that kid inside of you may have been right…you're an irreplaceable gift to the world! 

Happy Birthday...


A therapist by profession, Akua Opoku-Boateng provides career and life coaching to teens and young adults. Yesterday, Akua celebrated her ??th birthday! You can follow her on twitter 


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