The Tornadoes…Within

By Akua Boateng


I am from California. Born and raised. So when I moved to Alabama I was amazed by tornadoes. I still remember my first one. I was extremely vigilant and terrified listening to the weather updates from underneath my storm approved hiding place.

As the catastrophic winds would blow, destroying the once inhabited places, I could never imagine getting “used to this.”

Unlike me, the native southerners often would have storm kits and action plans prepared for the season that came annually. For they had already experienced so many tornadoes in the past they knew what to do.

They had experienced this scary and emotionally stunning time before and now had grown to anticipate it.

Many of us have experienced (or are experiencing) tornadoes...within. Whether it is paralyzing uncertainty about the future, unrelenting thoughts from the past or frustrating confusion about the present, these internal emotional tornadoes seek to destroy whatever is established in its path. However, those who have an “emotional storm kit” and shelter for safety prepared often come out without as much damage.

Likened to a tornado storm kit, your emotional storm kit needs to include these 3 key essentials:

  1. Non-perishables- Hope, Laughter and Past Survival Recollection
  2. Flashlight – Spiritual Connection and Guidance
  3. Radio – only authorized, beneficial, spiritual counsel to help you through internal crisis (friends/family)

Emotionally growing people anticipate the tornadoes within that come with the growth process. However, they continue to thrive and progress after the storm because they had prepared themselves to adapt to the difficult life changes. Although they experience damage sometimes (we all do), a minor repair compared to rebuilding is the contrast. Are you prepared?


Akua Opoku-Boateng is a clinical therapist turned youth career coach in Northeast Alabama. She has a passion for seeing individuals experience emotional growth & restoration. Read her full bio 


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