Learning From A Real Winner


Over the past few months we've written quite a bit about trauma, grief, and the process of coping and healing from such experiences. We talked quite a bit about J.R. Martinez and the process of healing he went through--both physical, and emotional after his traumatic injury while serving in Iraq. I wrote about about him 




, and I promised that there was an article soon to come in Message Magazine. Well the article was released in the current issue of Message so you can click to view it on  the

Message Magazine website

. There is also bonus video of my interview with him, so hopefully that will become available soon on the website as well. After talking to him I had this deep feeling that this dude deserves to be famous. He has a winning spirit and he deeply encouraged me. Just check the article and see for yourself.


Me with J.R. Martinez and his media manager after

we sat down for the interview. Photo by Troy Bogar.