Growth Maxims for Grieving


Me along with J.R. and his media manager Cynthia Snyder

J.R. exhibits a kind of radiance and resilience that is very rare.


few weeks ago I sat down with 2011 Dancing with the Stars champion J.R. Martinez and we talked about his life, his struggles, and his victories. I wrote an article about our exchange which will appear in an upcoming issue of

Message Magazine

. After I wrote the article the editor contacted me and said, "We need a practical component to your piece. We have to add some practical tips to help people get through their rough spots. What makes J.R. tick? How did he overcome adversity?" My reply was, "Great idea!" And back to the drawing board I went. If you wanna know more about his life, check out my

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about his story. If you want his secret tips, you're gonna have to get the magazine when it comes out and read the article.

Nevertheless, I recognize great value in the venture. People need tools they can use. After a tragic event they ask the question, "What am I supposed to do now?" I hear you loud and clear and I want to equip you to grow while you're grieving. So I'm going to offer you four principles for processing pain, or rather four growth maxims.


rowth Maxims for Grieving

  1. Complaining poisons my perspective.
  2. Prayer positions me for perfect peace.
  3. God's grace is more powerful than my pain.
  4. God is the most precious possession.

There you have it! Pretty simple, yet powerful concepts that will help ensure that you're growing through it when you're "going through it." Over the next couple posts I'll flesh them out so that you can get a good idea of how they work. Until then, keep going and keep growing.