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STOP the Violence!

There’s a war going on in our neighborhoods. This war threatens to obliterate our families and communities. Gun violence and brutal, bitter conflict rages. We have to find a way to stem the tide. This short, easy-to-read book explores the root of violence in the community as well as systematic violence against the community.

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If you loved the first edition of Training Days, you're gonna love the Deluxe 2nd Edition so much more! It's the same gripping story, but with some really cool new features. Click to find out more.  

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What's your story? Everyone has a story of their coming to faith and their process of growth. Tell us how God has worked in your life and let us share it with the world. Somebody's waiting to hear how they can win at life. 

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Everyone has at least one good book inside of them. We want to help you develop that idea into a quality, complete manuscript. Let us coach you and help you "win with the writing process."